About Us

National Business Crime Centre

The National Business Crime Centre was created as a result of a Home Office Police Transformation Funding. We are overseen by Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey, who is the NPCC lead for Business Crime and Private Security portfolio.

Our objectives...

  • To improve partnership with the business community and raise National police standards, to accurately understand and reduce the impact of crime.
  • Enable businesses to target resources more efficiently, through effective intelligence and information exchange, disrupting organised business criminality at a National level.
  • Prioritising prevention, enabling businesses to protect themselves from cyber, fraud and terrorism by being a conduit of best practice and a centre of excellence supporting all businesses throughout the UK.

The NBCC does not offer a proactive or investigative capability at this stage, but again are willing to support other units from both police and business communities and act as a conduit for sharing advice/trends nationally.

Our areas of work will fall under our three main strategic strands of




This will include;

  • Support and co-ordinate communications between all UK police forces and the business community
  • Supporting and initiating exciting and bold crime prevention projects and demand specification for policing resources
  • Violence Reduction plan for businesses and their staff
  • Safeguarding advice, links to training and promotion of best practice
  • Supporting our National policing teams and working together with national intelligence partners to tackle Travelling criminality and Organised Criminal Networks
  • National Standards and accreditation for Business Crime Reduction Partnerships
  • Investigating & promoting research into criminological trends
  • Fraud/Cyber messaging to businesses where appropriate on behalf of specialist units
  • Assisting with Counter Terrorism messaging to businesses on behalf of Cross Sector Security & Safety Communication network