Remove: Guidance on removing hazardous substances

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Security personnel and other staff may be the first responders to an incident where people have been exposed to a hazardous substance. The REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE protocol is closely aligned to guidance for the Emergency services and provides simple, consistent advice on early actions following:

  • Suspected deliberate or accidental exposure to a hazardous substance (vapour, powder or liquid) or
  • An ‘acid attack’

REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE is specifically designed to be easily understood, remembered and applied;

The advice can be implemented without specialist protective equipment and is relevant for any potential hazardous substance incident, enabling any responder to provide an effective initial response until the emergency services arrive and beyond.

The protocol is endorsed by Public Health specialists, as well as all three emergency services who are embedding it throughout the UK.

Please contact the REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE team for further information, support or advice -

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