Are you ready for the POTUS visit?

    We have been on the CSSC bridge call to hear what the plans are for the policing operation - which is significant.

    Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D'Orsi is the Gold Commander for the policing operation in London.

    Businesses and private premises to be aware that these protests are planned as peaceful and in public spaces and must be respected under Human Rights legislation.
    Private property is the responsible of the landowner. Whilst opening a business implies an invitiation to the public managers are able to withdraw that consent

    Ch Supt Wingrove is responsible for engagement and has suggested some sources of guidance in preparation.

    • Please remind staff to be alert and report suspicious activity to the police via 101 or 999 as appropriate
    • Review your contingency arrangements in case of major disruption and be aware of your security arrangements
    • There are multiple resources available to plan for business continuity on
    • There will be multiple road closures which will be opened as soon as possible but may affect deliveries. Please arrange for these to be completed early or later is possible.
    • Ensure you are recieving CSSC alerts (go to for the latest messages)
    • Ensure that private security are highly visible
    • Remind staff of emergency procedures and test your emergency systems
    • In anticipation of large crowds minimise entry points and remove any uneccesary furniture
    • If you have scaffolding around or near your premesis ensure that security staff are aware of it and are vigilant

CSSC will release a breifing note but in summary the expected assemblies are:

Thursday 12th July- Protest opposing visit at Hannover Gate, Regents Park – from 1730.

Friday 13th July – Most significant protest activity – Central London – Marches from 1100 in Portland Place, Second one from 1300 at Portland Place – heading through Regents Street, Haymarket, to Whitehall, finishing in Parliament Square/Trafalgar Square. Significant disruption expected between 1100 – 1900 hours. Traffic plan is in place. Buses and vehicles will be diverted. TFL to release updates via website.

Saturday 14th July – two rallies, first one in Parliament Square, second one in Whitehall. A further protest might take place outside U.S. Embassy, Vauxhall – this has not been confirmed as yet but local businesses to be aware.

Plans and maps will be published via the CSSC. (

The NBCC has asked for further updates regarding visits to other areas of the UK and these will be provided through the CSSC also.