Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU)

As of Monday 3rd June 2019 the Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) was suspended while a new national location is identified for the unit

 PANIU had been hosted by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and funded by donations from industry. A failure to agree a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) meant that the MPS had borne the financial cost of supporting a national unit and this position was unsustainable.

 The MPS would on behalf of the PANIU team like to thank all for supporting this unit which has helped to reduce the theft of plant and agricultural equipment. 

The Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) is a specialist police unit hosted within the Metropolitan Police Service and is funded by donations from insurers and organisations in the construction and agricultural sectors.

The unit was formed in 2008 to assist police throughout the UK with information and intelligence relating to theft of plant machinery.

PANIU maintains a comprehensive database of stolen machinery, which receives data not only from the Police National Computer (PNC) but also from the majority of the major insurers in the current market. 

PANIU also provides advice on specialist areas such as the identification of plant and agricultural machinery.

PANIU works with partners including the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), the National Crime Agency (NCA), The National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service NaVCIS), government agencies and departments such as Europol and Interpol along with our  PANIU Partners which include include insurance firms, hirers, tracking companies and construction and agricultural associations.

The office is staffed during normal office hours and the team can be contacted on:-  
0207 230 7290