Banknote Checking scheme

The Banknote Checking Scheme promotes banknote checking at point of sale through targeted training, in order to reduce the number of counterfeit notes from being passed. It is a voluntary and free-of-charge initiative for businesses.

The attached brochure provides more information as does the Bank of England website

What resources are available to businesses?

1) Videos and Online Banknote Training: These are all available on the Bank's website (under the individual notes)

You can see close-ups of all Bank of England banknotes, including details of their security features, in the banknote guides: 

2) Posters and PDFs for printing:

3) Testing automatic banknote handling machine – The Bank doesn’t approve/recommend any products however they have set out a framework which manufacturers can use to test their machines with counterfeit banknotes to ensure that they only accept genuine banknotes. They then publish a list of machines which pass the tests. Businesses may use this list to make informed choices about the equipment that they purchase and use. 

If you are a police officer and would like more information to share with your local community please get in touch with the Bank of England for advice and free training materials. We’ll make sure you’ve got the most up to date information. Tel: 020 7601 4028 or email:

Attached Documents to View/Download

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