NBCS Guide for the Management of Business Crime

The National Business Crime Solution is a not-for-profit initiative that works with the police and the business community to help tackle business crime in the United Kingdom. they have produced this guide and have made it available it for the benefit of all businesses.

This basic guide is to support all businesses understand areas of best practice when managing business crime incidents. The aim is to highlight areas of good practice which can consequently help to drive national consistency by improving the application of investigations and the continuity of evidence for both criminal and civil workings. The guidance covers the end to end process of dealing with incidents and includes sections on the following:

  • Crime incident management
  • Managing and dealing with vulnerable offenders
  • Reporting crime to police
  • Civil investigations
  • Civil recovery
  • Working with business crime reduction partnerships and BIDs
  • Internal theft, fraud prevention and HR screening

We are pleased to share this resource via our website however cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents. Any queries regarding the contents or for more information should be directed to the National Business Crime Solution:

0800 080 6016



Attached Documents to View/Download

NBCS Business Crime Guide.pdf