Cyber Security: Small Business Guide

The National Cyber Security Centre has released new guidance for small businesses

 Cyber Security Small Business Guide

Cyber security can feel like a daunting challenge for many small business owners. But it needn’t be. Following the five quick and easy steps outlined in the guide (links below) could save time, money and even your business’ reputation.

This guide can’t guarantee protection from all types of cyber attack. However, the five steps outlined in this guidance significantly reduce the chances of your business becoming a victim of cyber crime, and possible financial and reputational loss. Should you need it, you'll find more help in the 'Further reading' links at the bottom of each of the 5 steps.

If you want to improve your cyber security further, then you can also seek certification under the  Cyber Essentials scheme, which has the benefit of demonstrating to your clients (or prospective clients) that you take the protection of their data seriously. And if you're a larger business, or face a greater risk from cyber crime, then the 10 Steps to Cyber Security can further help your approach to cyber security.


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