60 Second Security Checklist

Specialist advice for companies operating in crowded places, such as major events, sport stadia, visitor attractions, bars, theatres and shopping centres, is available on the

National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO)website along with CT Policing’s new ACT Awareness e-Learning tool. The tool, developed to provide nationally accredited counter terrorism guidance helps industry better understand, and mitigate against, current terrorist methodology. The training takes just 45 minutes to complete and could save lives.


 Sixty Second Security is a quick list of security-minded questions that all security and crowded places staff should know the answers to in order to improve reactions to emergency situations.  

Sixty Second Security Check List:

  •  Who is appointed to make decisions on the shop floor, and do they know what they’re doing?
  • How do you enter and exit the building in emergency?
  • How do you lock down quickly?
  • Where can you hide?
  • How do you communicate and how do you stay updated if you find yourself in a RHT scenario?
  • Have you briefed your staff?