BIDs & Business Crime: A Manifesto

“BID’s represent an excellent vehicle in which retail business can collaborate to make respective Town Centres pleasant and safe places to both shop and work.

However, there is a concern that previously some BID models didn’t focus enough resources on the ‘safety and security’ element. Therefore, a new manifesto is being launched today including the provision that a suitable proportion of the BID levy is spent on safety and Security. With the recent British Retail Consortium figures reporting a doubling of incidents of workplace violence, now is the time for us all to act together and ensure that that the BID levy is spent appropriately, whether that is for the introduction of Uniformed patrols, funding a Crime Reduction partnership, updating Town Centre CCTV or maybe in some situations all three! It’s our money, let’s use it to safeguard our staff and our businesses together.”



Tim Edwards

Group Profit Protection Director


This Manifesto has been written on behalf of the business community by the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS). The NBCS is a not for profit initiative that enables the effective sharing of appropriate data between the police, crime reduction agencies and the business community to reduce crime and risks to all, it represents around 50 of the largest major retail interests in the UK, discover more about the NBCS at