Cifas – Fraud Prevention

Cifas is a not-for-profit fraud prevention membership organisation. It is the UK’s leading fraud prevention service, managing the largest confirmed fraud database in the country. Its members are organisations from all sectors, sharing their data across those sectors to reduce instances of fraud and financial crime.



Throughout the UK, Cifas’ experts and services help protect individuals and organisations from the growing and increasingly sophisticated threat of fraud and financial crime. Since 1988, Cifas has helped its members and customers protect themselves from billions of pounds worth of fraud losses.

Cifas collaborates with organisations from across the public and private sectors to create a non-competitive fraud prevention environment, focused on working with rather than against each other to stop or hinder criminals. Its methods utilise a number of products and services, including fraud databases and networking opportunities for its members and law enforcement partners.

Before providing a service, or employing a new staff member, Cifas members can check details against its databases for matches with individuals who are known to have committed fraud. It also offers a range of training courses that provide the latest knowledge and skills in investigating and responding to fraud and financial crime.

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Becoming a Cifas member
- Cifas’ NationalFraud Database
- Cifas’ InternalFraud Database
- Cifas’ OrganisedFraud and Intelligence Group
- The latest comment on fraud and risk
- How Cifas collaborates with public, private and law enforcement partners