NHS acid advice update

Taken from https://www.england.nhs.uk/2017/08/new-help-for-acid-attack-victims-following-recent-rise-in-demand-for-nhs-help/


The NHS and leading burns surgeons have issued new first aid guidance to help ensure victims of acid attacks get the right help fast.

Whilst the overall number of people impacted by this type of attack remains low, people are advised to take three simple steps in the event they witness or are victim of an attack:


Report the attack: dial 999.
Remove contaminated clothing carefully.
Rinse skin immediately in running water.

Whilst making this advice available to the public, NHS England have also partnered with a number of organisations, including police forces, ambulance services and the Royal College of Surgeons to ensure this advice is shared with front-line public service people who are often first on the scene.

Guidance is also available on the NHS website.