Security threat mitigation, Response levels

This guidance note has been shared by Revo to assist managers nationally who might benefit from this advice. Please visit the pdf document attached for the full document.


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Revo is proud to work with the NBCC and to share protective security guidance.

This guidance note outlines all the different security threat levels and allocates an appropriate response level to each of them. It then provides detailed instructions on what to do at each response level and clarifies the different types of attack a shopping centre may be faced with.


Terrorism threat levels are designed to give a broad indication of the likelihood of a current terrorist attack. They are based on the assessment of a range of factors including relevant intelligence, capability and intent of potential attackers. This information may be incomplete and decisions about appropriate security mitigation measures should be made with this in mind. The measures listed in this document are not exhaustive. They are meant to aid your thinking in developing your own bespoke mitigation response level policy. In particular, shopping centre owners and management are reminded that an attack might occur without warning. Therefore day-to-day security risk mitigation measures must be proportionate and cost-effective.

Download the attached pdf for more information