Urban Explorers in 2018

This protective security guidance has been shared by Revo to assist managers nationally who might benefit from this advice. Please visit the pdf document attached for the full document.


Revo support over 400 organisations, as well as 2,300 individuals that are engaged in the diverse world of retail property and placemaking. This community plan, create, develop and operate places and communities throughout the UK’s towns and cities for people to live, work and enjoy. 

Members include private and publicly listed retailers and owners of retail property, as well as local councils, advisers and consultants of all sizes.

Revo is proud to work with the NBCC and to share protective security guidance.


This document has been developed by members of the Revo Security and Safer Shopping Committee for Centre Managers and Heads of Security, and others to assist them in understanding urban exploring (urbex) and what can be done about it.

The guidance explains:

  • urbex activities which affect shopping centres;
  • why the police are rarely interested in urbex issues;
  • why the usual remedies for trespass (an order for possession and/or a claim for damages) are ineffective;
  • that where there is a genuine risk of urbex trespass, the civil courts will grant an injunction to restrain trespass; and
  • that the urbex community respects injunctions (because breaching such an order is contempt of court - for which the consequences include a custodial sentence and/or a significant fine).
  • Paragraph 9 summarises the relevant procedure for applying for an injunction to restrain trespass in the context of shopping centres (and a sample of such an injunction is provided at Schedule 1).