City joins together with Emergency Trauma Packs

The City of London Police, in partnership with other emergency services, has launched a new scheme to introduce Emergency Trauma Packs to business premises. The concept follows recommendations from the London Resilience Board, and will equip the public to help save lives.


Emergency Trauma packs can help bridge the critical minutes between a catastrophic injury and the emergency services arriving on scene, helping members of the public to deliver emergency first aid. 

The City of London Police has also worked together with private industry to creating a training package for the public specifically suited towards emergency first aid.  

The Emergency Trauma Packs have been created through consultation with London Ambulance Service and a range of trauma specialists. The complete cost of the pack (£450) and the training has been absorbed by security companies and their corporate clients who are keen to provide life saving care.

medical bag2

 medical bag



Regular meetings will be held to update training, engagement and mutual support for the businesses holding the Trauma Packs. Live simulations and preparedness exercises are all part of the partnership.  Within this there will be a formal structured debriefing and shared learning to improve capability for the future.

Each pack is stocked with a collection of specialist medical equipment to treat casualties in the critical moments following an incident such as a knife or firearms attack. In the event of a major incident, Emergency Services will also be supported by the distribution of the packs in the area, giving them extra supplies at the scene. Arrangements will be made for the Emergency Services to collect future Trauma Packs from the closest location whilst on route to the scene, or the businesses' security staff will be contacted by Police Control with instructions to convey the Packs to the safe zone.

Currently the scheme is only operating with City of London businesses and coverage is maintained by a network of security professionals within that area. However the initiative will be widened to other buildings such as schools, licensed premises, and a variety of public places.

This will bring the most complete network of medical resilience that the City of London has ever known, adding to its already strong base of first aiders and defibrillator distribution. 

Next Steps

The NBCC is working with the Metropolitan police business crime hub to deliver a similar scheme to Greater London. We will then create a toolkit to help other forces and businesses interested in creating a similar scheme. If you are already operating a similar scheme or are thinking about setting one up please contact the NBCC as we are already exploring this and should be able to help you or would value your input and experience!