We've just posted to our Knowledge hub network!

The National Business Crime Centre has set up a network on Knowledge hub (Khub.net) in order to provide a forum and library for police and businesses to share information and discuss new MO's, scams and things to watch out for. 


Weve just posted to our Knowlege hub network

Detective Chief Inspector Georgie Barnard said "We regularly publish news and guidance on our website but  we also want to alert businesses and forces to issues that are ongoing without giving would be criminals details about vulnerabilities" "This is also a way to strengthen the relationships within the business community and our combined response to preventing business crime by providing a platform to connect with each other."

The Knowledge hub was procured because it provides a space for collaboration across the public and private sector. It is not suitable for sensitive information but has a smaller audience than the website. You can subscribe to forums to be alerted by email is anything is added. 

The site is not for personal data (so no  photos, offender names etc) but rather to discuss behaviours and issues that you have identified. It is also not a reporting tool - you still need to follow local police or action fraud guidance. This is an informal group for peer-to-peer help and advice. If you subscribe to a forum you will be alerted if anyone posts a new message or information on that topic.

We have recently added out first post to the Scams and MO forum as it was not suitable for publishing here on the website. Join the group below to read the details and offer and of your own experiences or hints and tips for others.

So far we have set up groups for:

  • Scams and MOs forum
  • Good practice forum and library
  • Police and Security initiative
  • Online discussion forums for regular meetings/boards

This project is in the early stages and will only be truly tested and useful once we have more users, so join the online community!

  1. Sign up at https://khub.net to join the "Business Crime Information Exchange"
  2. Request to join groups such as https://khub.net/group/new-scams-and-mos 
  3. Join other groups in the NBCC network that may be of interest to you or contact us to set up a new one. (some groups may require verification, others will allow you to join immediately)