National Business Crime Centre

The National Business Crime Centre was created as a result of a Home Office Police Transformation Funding. We are overseen by Commissioner Ian Dyson, City of London Police, who is the NPCC lead for Business Crime.  We work closely with other NPCC portfolio holders including Assistant Commissioner Alistair Sutherland who holds the Private Security portfolio. The centre is hosted within the Metropolitan Police Service.

Our Objectives

  • To improve partnership with the business community and raise National police standards, to accurately understand and reduce the impact of crime.
  • Enable businesses to target resources more efficiently, through effective intelligence and information exchange, disrupting organised business criminality at a National level.
  • Prioritising prevention, enabling businesses to protect themselves from cyber, fraud and terrorism by being a conduit of best practice and a centre of excellence supporting all businesses throughout the UK.

The NBCC does not offer a proactive or investigative capability at this stopice, but again are willing to support other units from both police and business communities and act as a conduit for sharing advice/trends nationally.

Our areas of work will fall under our three main strategic strands of






This will include;

  • Support and co-ordinate communications between all UK police forces and the business community
  • Supporting and initiating exciting and bold crime prevention projects and demand specification for policing resources
  • Violence Reduction plan for businesses and their staff
  • Safeguarding advice, links to training and promotion of best practice
  • Supporting our National policing teams and working together with national intelligence partners to tackle Travelling criminality and Organised Criminal Networks
  • National Standards and accreditation for Business Crime Reduction Partnerships
  • Investigating & promoting research into criminological trends
  • Fraud/Cyber messaging to businesses where appropriate on behalf of specialist units
  • Assisting with Counter Terrorism messaging to businesses on behalf of Cross Sector Security & Safety Communication network


Our Website

Items on the site are split between news, guidance, crime prevention, and events. Please use the bar at the top of the page to navigate the site or press the search button to find articles using keywords.

News articles are recent and relevent items that may also include some current guidance.

Guidance articles are our repository of guidance produced by us, our partners or third parties as well as information about schemes and resources for the business community.

Crime prevention is guidance specifically aimed at reducing crime produced by us, other forces or out partners.

Events include those hosted by us and our partners as well as third party events. In the case of third party events we are not endorsing them but providing a single space where they can be found for those that are interested in them.