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How to report a Business Crime

How to report a Business Crime

When to Report a Crime

All crimes and instances of anti-social behaviour should be reported to the police, particularly crimes involving violence, the threat of violence or abuse. If the crime is in progress the most important thing to think about is safety for all those at the scene. Do nothing that would provoke the offender, if possible, get to a safe place and only if safe to do so dial 999.

In an emergency call 999 if:

  • A serious offence is in progress or has just happened.
  • Someone is in immediate danger of harm.
  • You need help right away.
  • Property is in danger of being damaged.
  • There is the likelihood of a serious disturbance to the public peace.

In a non-emergency call 101

The police will ask:

Please inform the police if the following apply as it will help them to decide on the most appropriate policing response:

  • Violence has been used or someone has been threatened, physically or verbally.
  • Always report this first e.g. I was assaulted whilst trying to stop a shop theft.
  • Where there is an injury or there is a concern for the welfare of somebody at the scene.
  • Alcohol, mental health issues or drugs are involved or suspected.
  • If the offender is still at the scene or in the immediate area i.e. the risk is still present.
  • If there is a safeguarding issue and a need to protect a vulnerable person, for example children or the elderly.
  • Young people or foreign nationals are involved or if there are language difficulties.
  • If there is a risk that evidence will be lost in the ‘immediacy’, for example forensics or witnesses.
  • If property has been recovered or found.
  • If there are any witnesses to the incident and their details if they are willing for them to be passed to the police.

Other reporting avenues for non-emergency situations

Crimestoppers either by phone on 0800 555 111 or their website.
Action Fraud via the online reporting tool for Fraud or Cybercrime or dial 0300 123 2040 if you business is experiencing a live cyber attack.

Reporting a crime online

Where there is access to the internet crimes and anti-social behaviour can be reported via - by entering your post code you will be directed to the right police force

Download and display our 'Reporting a Crime' digital poster 

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