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Victim Support

Victim Support

Role of the Employer

If you, your employee, or your business are a victim of violence and abuse you need to know what support you should provide to your employee and what support is available to you and your business as a victim. 

The Victims Code 

The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime is a statutory Government document which sets out the information, support, and services that victims of crime are entitled to receive from criminal justice agencies in England and Wales. These criminal justice agencies include the police and Crown Prosecution Service. More information on the victim’s code and support available can be found at the website.

Steps to Take

As an employer you will need to check the following steps have been taken:

  • Report the incident to police via 999 in an emergency or 101 or online in a non-emergency
  • Report the incident via an internal reporting tool. Check if any health and safety risk assessments or other documents need to be completed.
  • Employees have completed assigned training modules e.g. keeping safe, conflict management.

Victim services and victim care

The Ministry of Justice Victim and Witness Information website will signpost you to the services available in your area by entering a post code.

Victim Business Impact Statements (ISB)

Under the Victims’ Code, all businesses, or enterprises (such as charities) that have had criminal offences committed against them are entitled to make an Impact Statement for Business (ISB) to set out how the offence(s) have affected the business.

The ISB gives you the opportunity to set out the impact that a crime has had on the business such as direct financial loss, and wider impacts, e.g. operational disruption or reputational damage. The court will take the statement into account when determining sentence.

Guidance on completing an ISB (and template)

Other industry related support services:

Grocery Aid - Colleagues working in any area of the industry can access support. This includes manufacturing, supermarkets, independent retailers, wholesalers, distribution, sales, and all support functions. Visit their website or call 08088 021 122.