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SaBA Brochure

SaBA Days - all you need to know

Safer Business Action (SaBA) Days is a joint approach by police, business, private security, Business Crime ReductionPartnerships (BCRPs) and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) working in partnership to focus resources into designated location to create a significant impact to reduce crime.

Why are SaBA Days different?

Partnership working and days of action are all part of normal activity for police forces and their partners. SaBA days, although locally based, bring with them a national reach.Through the SaBA steering group and the National Business Crime Centre there are links to a national network of contacts, best practice can be shared, and potentially extra resources from private businesses with a national footprint may be able to assist with your event.

What is a Safer Business Action Day?

The objective of the day is to deliver a focussed operation with joint patrols, the targeted intervention 
of offenders and a range of crime prevention activity, through:

  • Working in collaboration to create awareness and understanding of the crimes that affect business;
  • Demonstrating the importance of tackling crime to protect and safeguard frontline staff;
  • Developing local, trusted relations leaving a legacy of partnership working

What do I have to do?

As with any initiative each partner plays a role in supporting the success of the overall event. Every SaBA Day has its own aims and priorities, and the planning stages identify the public and private sector partners who voluntarily assist with achieving those aims.

Support could be in the form of staff on the day for patrols, supplying a meeting room for a briefing, publishing social media content on the day, or conducting engagement surveys and analysing responses. 

How will a SaBA Days help me?

SaBA Days are an opportunity to tackle the issues that are important in your community. The resources deployed may not only be police resources and can include teams from businesses and private security allowing a wider 
footprint of engagement to take place.

Through information sharing there is the opportunity to deter, detain, or identify, prolific offenders or ASB subjects and provide reassurance to the public and businesses.

SaBA Days can be combined with other engagement events such as property marking, neighbourhood watch, or personal safety to promote community safety and crime reduction. 

The benefits of engagement

The benefits enjoyed during a SaBA Day include:

  • Reducing incidents of violence
  • Detaining and engaging with offenders
  • Engagement with the public and stakeholders

The benefits continue beyond the day with lasting relationships and connections made between police, business, BCRPs/BIDs, and private security that may not have otherwise happened. 

Who is involved?

There is an experienced Steering Group who will assist with linking policing, business, and the security industry to facilitate the smooth running of a SaBA Day; The National Business Crime Centre, retailers, private securuty industry Business Crime Reduction Initiatives and Business Improvement Districts.

To find out more, or to get involved, please contact the NBCC at: and download our guidance.