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SaBA Comms Toolkit

Safer Business Action Days (SaBA) Communications Guidance

Safer Business Actions Days (SaBA) provide a great opportunity to generate some positive PR for the agencies involved both with the media and also directly with the local community through social media.

The NBCC has developed some guidance to help your communications/PR leads promote the event using the national brand guidelines and to help amplify the messaging on social media.

The guidance is there to ensure all partners involved are represented in the promotion of the event and can help share the successes.

SaBA Branding

Safer Business Actions Days have a bespoke brand which should be used as part of all marketing and promotional material for SaBA Days alongside partner agency branding.

Master Logo

The SaBA master logo is available in a number of formats and comes with full branding guidelines on how to use it. SaBA Days Brand Kit 

Location Logo

Alternatively, you can use the ‘location’ version of the logo instead where you can add the name of the town or city where the SaBA day is taking place.

The brand kit includes an editable Illustrator and EPS file along with a page in the guidelines document that specifies how to create these. If you do not have access to Illustrator software or a designer who can do this for you the NBCC design consultancy can do this for you at a cost of £19 + vat per town logo.

Media Relations

It is important to make your local print and broadcast media aware of the planned SaBA day and to try and get them to come along to the event. Here are some points to consider as part of your media plan:

  • Decide on the spokesperson/s for the event ensuring they are comfortable talking to the media and are well briefed on the key messages
  • Invite media in advance to attend the event for a photo/broadcast opportunity and potential interviews with the identified spokesperson/s
  • Draft and distribute a press release promoting the event before it happens including quotes from identified spokespeople.
  • Draft and distribute a press release post event including photographs/videos of the day – below is a quote for inclusion from the NBCC but we can also provide a bespoke quote on request:
    • Superintendent Patrick Holdaway of the National Business Crime Centre said “Violence and abuse against shop workers is never acceptable. The National Business Crime Centre have been working with key stakeholders in police, retail, business crime reduction partnerships, business improvement districts and security providers to deliver a series of ‘Safer Business Action Days’ to support the National Shopkind campaign to protect shop workers, and deter, disrupt and detain persistent and prolific offenders.”
  • Use key stats in the post event press release where possible i.e. arrests, stops and searches, call volume, crimes reported, feedback from businesses and residents.

Social Media

  • Create social posts for pre event promotion ensuring all agencies involved are tagged into the posts and please also tag the NBCC accounts:
    • LinkedIn @national-business-crime-centre
    • Twitter @BusinessCrimeUK
  • Please use national agreed hashtags #SaBA #Crimeprevention on all posts in order to amplify the messaging across all agencies involved
  • Please also use the hashtag #SaBa with the addition of your location i.e. #SaBALondon
  • If the SaBA day is being run as part of a National Week of Action, please also include the hashtag #WeekofAction
  • Consider doing some quick video interviews with the spokespeople at the start of the day to raise awareness
  • Take lots of photos on the day to post whilst the event is underway and to use afterwards
  • Where possible please also tag in the accounts of the individuals who are featured in any post event photographs
  • Please ensure you have permission of the people featured in any event photographs before publishing
  • Ensure you do not identify any person who may be under arrest as part of the day.

Download your copy of the SaBA Communications Guidance