ASB - Impact Statement for Business (ISB)

ASB - Impact Statement for Business (ISB)

Where your business has been a victim of crime, you should consider writing an Impact Statement for Business.

It gives you the opportunity to explain and document the affect the crime has placed on the business. This statement is used as part of the evidence and taken into consideration by the court when sentencing.

When should an Impact Statement be completed?

The impact statement can be taken at any time, you do not have to wait for a suspect to be arrested to provide it. As well as crimes such as theft, the statement can cover Anti-Social Behaviour, or community problems such as begging, if it is affecting the business. Copies of the ISB can be held by both the business and police for future relevant use.

Who should provide the statement?

The impact statement can cover one location, a number of locations, a region or the entire business depending on size. The statement will have the most impact, if giving details of multiple offences by the same offender at one location.

A ‘nominated representative’ must be authorised to give a statement on behalf of the business and must be in a position to give evidence in court about the impact of the crime on the business, therefore a contract security guard may not be the most appropriate person.

Our guide explains the importance of an ISB and how to write one:

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