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The Anti-Social (ASB) Case Review

The Anti-Social (ASB) Case Review

The ASB Case Review gives victims suffering ASB the opportunity to ask agencies for a review of their case where they believe they have not had a satisfactory response. Relevant agencies are usually Police, Local Authorities, Health, and Housing Providers.

Who Can Use the ASB Case Review?

Any victim of anti-social behaviour can use the ASB Case Review. A victim can be an individual or someone acting on their behalf with their consent such as family member, carer, Member of Parliament or other professional. Businesses and community groups can be victims of anti-social behaviour and can apply for Case Reviews.

Agencies responsible for ASB Case Review must publish an ASB Case Review policy. The policy will explain how to make an application to use the ASB Case Review. Your local police or local council will be able to provide you with information about the ASB Case Review process in your area. Any application needs to ensure it meets the threshold and have sufficient qualifying complaints to be accepted by the relevant bodies.

For this process a qualifying complaint is:

  • where the anti-social behaviour was reported within one month of the alleged behaviour taking place; and
  • the application to use the ASB Case Review is made within six months of the report of anti-social behaviour.

What will the outcome be?

Once an ASB Case Review application has been accepted the relevant bodies will share information about the case, consider any new information, and review the previous actions taken. They may invite the victim to a case review meeting to hear, and understand, the impact the anti-social behaviour is having. Once all the information has been considered a decision is made on whether further action can be taken. If so, an action plan can be put in place to resolve the anti-social behaviour.

Click on the image below to donwload a copy of the NBCC ASB Case Review guidance: