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Advice for taxi and private hire drivers - how to stay safe

Advice for taxi and private hire drivers - how to stay safe

A leaflet containing information on how taxi drivers can keep their money and possessions safe while also ensuring their own safety has been released. The leaflet produced by the Metropolitan Police in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) covers how drivers should report criminal activity they may see while driving.

The information contained in the leaflet urges cab drivers to limit the amount of cash they carry and avoid leaving it around the central console. Other tips include keeping mobile phones safe and out of reach from passengers and making a note of the IMEI number of their phone by typing *#06#.

Officers advise drivers to call 999 immediately if they are threatened with a knife or other weapon and never risk their personal safety.

Safety tips from the police include being on guard if drivers are asked to stop suddenly or deviate into quieter areas. Officers encourage drivers to try and drop-off in a location with good lighting and plenty of people around.

Police also urge drivers to be aware of distraction techniques involving requests to adjust seats or to access the boot. These might be made to get the driver to leave the vehicle. If taxi or PHV drivers do have to leave the vehicle, switch the ignition off and take the keys.

Drivers are encouraged to report all suspected crimes to police. In an emergency call 999 immediately. If the driver can’t call 999 at the time then they should report it as soon as possible by calling 101.

Private hire operators are required to record details for every booking and police can use this information to investigate crimes against drivers.

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STAY SAFE WHILE WORKING - Advice for taxi and private hire drivers