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Pub Watch and Shop Watch

Pub Watch and Shop Watch

What is a Shop/Pub Watch Scheme?

A Shop Watch or Pub Watch scheme is a network of local businesses that come together to tackle the risks associated with business crime. They can operate in town or city centres or even out of town areas where a group of businesses have decided to work together.

What do they do? 

A Shop or Pub Watch scheme can provide a variety of services, from a radio communications network to a full suite of tools including app-based data sharing software and sometimes a CCTV control centre link.

What should you do? 

If you would like to join a local Shop or Pub Watch Scheme you will need to know:

  • What type of business the shop watch is?
  • Do they have adequate insurance in place?
  • Have they done their due diligence in terms of data compliance?
  • What services are they offering and do these services offer value for money?

A Shop or Pub Watch can be an effective partner in reducing volume crime including workplace violence.