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Love Business. Hate Fraud

Love Business. Hate Fraud

Love Business. Hate Fraud is a national campaign from the Fraud Advisory Panel and Barclays Bank to raise awareness of fraud and cybercrime against UK businesses, especially small ones.

It comes as a new survey, commissioned to support the launch of the campaign, found that 44% of SMEs, and 49% of all businesses, agreed that fraud was a major risk to growing their business over the next two years.

For those SMEs that had experienced crime in the past two years, 18% said fraud was the most disruptive single crime they face, ahead of cybercrime, burglary, robbery, theft and assault

Why is it important?

All businesses – large and small – are susceptible to fraud. Catching it early can prevent losses, reputational damage or even business collapse.

  • Fraud is now the UK’s most common crime, followed by cybercrime.

  • Fraud and cybercrime are the most disruptive crimes affecting business

  • The average business loses about 5% of revenue to staff fraud alone each year

The campaign, which has its own website, aims to provide buisnesses with practical recources, tips and guidance to help them understand how fraud can affect their business and learn practical steps they can take to stay safe. The campaign includes a toolkit for businesses, webinars, campaign materials for businesses to get involved and Fraud Watch providing regular updates on the latest risks to business. 

For more information and a supporters pack on Staff Fraud, click on the following link where you will also find helpful guides and videos: