Police CyberAlarm

Police CyberAlarm

Helping organisations monitor and report the malicious activities they face from the internet.

 Police CyberAlarm acts as a “CCTV camera” monitoring the traffic seen by a member’s connection to the internet. It detects and provides regular reports of suspected malicious activity, enabling organisations to minimise their vulnerabilities.

The data collected by Police CyberAlarm is then used to create regular reports on potential malicious activity seen by individual member organisations, as well as reports containing threat trends seen across the member network. Members can then use this report to update their defences to better protect themselves from cyber threats. Vulnerability Scanning can also be added and used to scan an organisations website and external IP addresses, providing regular reports of all known vulnerabilities.

Since Police CyberAlarm launched it has identified over a billion potential malicious incidents resulting in reports and advice being given to members, enabling them to take action to prevent a successful attack.

The data collected is also helping UK Policing build a much better picture of the threats businesses face and the local, regional and national trends, and is helping them to identify, pursue and prosecute cyber criminals.

What are the benefits to my business?

Regular Reporting - detailing potentially malicious/attack activity discovered on your firewall/internet gateway. You can use these reports for further investigation and to better protect your business.

Business Information and Intelligence - data is used to provide details on the latest threats discovered, giving your business the ability to update security measures

Identify your business vulnerabilities - scan your businesses website and external IP addresses for known vulnerabilities. These regular reports can help you protect your business from known suspicious activity.

Helping the police help you - data is also used by the police to identify current threats, take enforcement action against the cyber criminals and help your business prepare and better protect itself

Businesses can register to become a Police CyberAlarm member at no cost via https://cyberalarm.police.uk/register or find out more by downloading the brochure below:

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