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Reducing Violence against Staff Guide Launched

Reducing Violence against Staff Guide Launched

The NBCC has developed a booklet for those in the retail environment to help them identify the key drivers of violence against staff and provide guidance on how to prevent or mitigate the associated threat of violence and abuse of staff. We recognise that violence and abuse can take place in many forms and in a wide range of businesses, small or large.

This guidance can be used by employers to help support their staff, but also by employees themselves. We recognise that reducing incidents of this nature is a priority for businesses, and the police will work with you and our partners to tackle the issue.

Kit Malthouse MP, Minister of State for Crime and Policing (Home Office) said;

“Shop workers are the beating hearts of our communities and violence or abuse against them is utterly unacceptable”.

The Guidance covers the three main triggers of violence - challenging shoplifting, age restricted sales and offenders under the influence of drink or drugs. It is available for download now -  Reducing Violence Against Staff Booklet

For enquiries regarding further engagement, please contact the National Business Crime Centre team via

Violence against staff guide