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Anti-Social Behaviour Survey Report Released

Anti-Social Behaviour Survey Report Released

On Monday 27 March, the Government launched a new action plan to tackle the growing problem of anti-social behaviour impacting communities and businesses.

Prior to the report being released the NBCC released a short survey asking businesses what anti-social behaviour (ASB) they are experiencing and what more they would like to see done to tackle it. The results of the survey were shared with the Home Office to help inform the government’s response.

NBCC Lead Patrick Holdaway explains: “We developed the survey because we wanted to make sure that the views and issues businesses are facing around ASB were considered as part of the government’s review. We shared the results and were pleased to see that many of the issues raised by businesses who responded to the survey have been addressed in the action plan. We welcome the plan and will continue to work with policing and partners to tackle the ongoing issue of ASB.”

The NBCC survey received 259 responses from retailers, BCRPs, BIDs, security providers and other businesses. A full report of the results of the survey can be viewed here: ASB Survey Report 

Summary Findings:

  • Almost 54% of respondents listed challenges as being crimes with shop theft, assaults and criminal damage being the main topics.
  • 48% highlighted a growing issue of threatening behaviour towards employees and security staff. This included areas such as theatres and heritage sites.
  • 42% of respondents talked about young people becoming a challenge and had affected trade.
  • Begging and homelessness attracted over 26% of comments, this was extended to almost 8% of respondents saying street hygiene (defecation and urination) was a real concern, particularly in busy areas frequented by tourists.
  • Drugs were mentioned in 20% of comments, often these were the same people who were committing crimes of shop theft etc.
  • Litter and graffiti were mentioned by 14% of respondents across all sectors.

When asked what businesses want from policing and government in response to these challenges, unsurprisingly an increased police presence was the most popular answer with 55% of respondents explicitly requesting an increased police presence. 

There were a number of calls for private security providers to be given more powers.

The full government action plan can be viewed here: Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan - GOV.UK (

The NBCC has also created a section on the website dedicated to providing businesses with guidance and advice on tackling ASB. Anti-social behaviour (