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NBCC launches night time economy crime prevention initiative

NBCC launches night time economy crime prevention initiative

Following the success of the NBCC Safer Business Action (SaBA) Days initiative, the NBCC has launched a new crime prevention initiative aimed at tackling business crime in the night time economy.

SaBA Nights will follow the same principles as SaBA Days, with police, private security and other partners joining together to tackle night time economy crime in their communities. 

Whilst the vast majority of people enjoy a night out safely and sensibly, the night-time economy can be associated with issues around alcohol fuelled violence and crime and anti-social behaviour.

The overall objective of any SaBA operation is to deliver a focussed operation with joint patrols, the targeted intervention of offenders and a range of crime prevention activity and engagement.

As part of the new initiative, bespoke branding has been developed to help police forces and partners promote SaBA Night events and sits alongside the branding already available for SaBA Days. Police forces can also request a location brand from the NBCC to promote their individual operations.

NBCC lead, Supt Patrick Holdaway said: “The new SaBA nights initiative has come about after feedback from retailers, private security and policing. The success of SaBA Days has been great, but many crimes which impact retailers and communities happen in city and town centres at night. By extending the SaBA campaign to include night time operations, police and partners can build on the success of pervious SaBA events and demonstrate that they are listening to their local businesses and communities.”

The NBCC has announced a month of action in March where every police force in the country will be encouraged to hold at least one SaBA Day or Night in their area.

Over 25 police forces have already confirmed they are taking part in the month of action with over 80 operations expected to take place across the country.

To find out more about SaBA events : SaBA Days (

Download the SaBA Nights branding here: