NBCC Website Launches

Welcome to the National Business Crime Centre website.

We aim for this to be your ‘One stop shop’ for the latest news, guidance and articles in relation to issues relevant to Business Crime throughout the UK. As with any good partnership, we will only be as good as the information we share and so welcome updates and news on any new projects or research which is relevant to both UK Policing and all of our national businesses. Together we hope to create a network of good practice and information which we can all use to protect ourselves and prevent criminality.


Please visit our ‘Contact’ page to register and receive the latest news and updates specific to your area of business,

The website has been sponsored by ‘Secured By Design’ who is a not for profit organisation that re-invests any income into crime prevention work and initiatives. With one of our key aims being prevention we welcome their assistance in advancing experience and expertise in physical security into the cyber landscape to help us provide a modern and user friendly platform which we hope to be of benefit to all.

Please feel free to contact us should you feel there are articles or items of interest that are missing or that you think would strengthen the site further.