Next Clothing Unique Clothing Identification

The fashion retailer Next has taken bar code identification further and increased the security of the bar code so that each and every single item now has its own unique bar code known as UID.  An example is in the case of  dresses of the same style, colour and size, each dress has a unique bar code, individual to that particular dress, which enables Next to track it from the warehouse to store, and also to capture the details when each individual item is sold through their tills or returned for a refund. It will also record the method of payment against each item purchased.


Importantly, stock despatched to Next Directory customers is also recorded at this unique item level.

What this means for police forces is that should they be dealing with an enquiry concerning Next stock or have suspects in possession of Next stock, Next can quickly and accurately check the details of each individual item, and confirm if this has been legitimately sold through our tills or Next Directory, or if it has not been sold, which store it has come from.

All of the information is held on a secure database and data can be accessed and be available as evidence at short notice to a force.

Leading on the scheme is Next Head of Retail Loss Prevention, Richard Stones OBE.

For further detail please contact the NBCC.