Supply Chain Industry Best Practice Website Launch

The Supply Chain Risk Industry Partnership (SCRIP) group has announced its launch of the industry best practice website.

The SCRIP website strives to bring all supply chain risk best practice guidance documentation, training programs/courses, and intelligence sources under one website, leading to easier access to valuable information and insights for industry.
SCRIP is a recently formed, not for profit association whose aim is to identify supply chain risk and to assist you in mitigating those risks.
They do this through their network of members, industry experts and collaborators to:
  • Identify and analyse current and emerging risks
  • Collaborate to identify risk mitigation solutions
  • Introduce solutions to industry.
Current SCRIP members consist of a number of influential, yet non-biased organisations from academia, not-for-profit companies, insurers, law enforcement, transportation providers, and trade association bodies.
NMU states:
“As one of the UK’s leading specialty insurers, NMU are at the forefront in providing cargo and freight liability insurance together with risk management solutions for the supply chain. The collaborative platform which SCRIP provides, is a unique opportunity for us to engage with our industry partners and other stakeholders in the supply chain process in order to mitigate risk. We are honoured to be among the founding members of SCRIP.”
SCRIP engages with industry partners with a view to changing the way government, multi-national OEMs, trade associations, and transportation providers view the importance of supply chain risk management.


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RSA Group explains:

“RSA Group has enjoyed more than 30 years of risk partnership with all participants in global supply chains from the producers and shippers of commodities and finished goods to the forwarders, hauliers, warehouse keepers, shipping lines, and the ports or  terminals that carry those goods around the globe. We know that we’re all better protected when we work together to pool our experience and promote a community-wide sense of best practice with the support of law enforcement and other experts working for our safety. That’s why we’re a firm supporter of initiatives like SCRIP that seek to gather, refine and share that knowledge freely.” -Royston Ford, Head of Marine & Specialty Risk Consulting, RSA Insurance Group"


BSI states:

“BSI strongly supports the SCRIP mission statement of adding value to industry through centralisation of best practice, intelligence, and training resources to drive mitigation strategies for supply chain risk exposure. As the leading global provider of supply chain intelligence, global supply chain verification auditing services, audit compliance and risk management software solutions, and advisory services, BSI sees the value in SCRIP as the leading force in encouraging collaboration across industry. We are proud to be a founding member of SCRIP!”