Suzy Lamplugh Trust: Stay Safe at Work Conference

The National Business Crime Centre are undertaking several areas of work to try and reduce violence in the workplace and are supporting this conference which is designed and hosted by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and free of charge to attendees.

Stay Safe at Work Workplace Violence Conference

Reducing workplace violence

The objective of the conference is to bring together key stakeholders representing employers, employees, unions and the National Business Crime Centre (NBCC), in a solution-oriented setting, to consider the growing trend in workplace violence and aggression. We also very much look forward to collectively reflecting on ongoing personal safety challenges across all sectors, as highlighted in the Suzy Lamplugh Trust's latest retail campaign.

Conference Program

The conference program will:

  1. Outline the breadth of personal safety issues across all sectors, in particular retail, and reference the results of Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s “Stay Safe At Work” survey
  2. Involve the audience in signifying practical solutions and contributing to strategic and innovative thinking around current personal safety challenges
  3. Organise breakout sessions to allow delegates the opportunity to feedback in relation to “Suzy’s Charter for Workplace Safety”, as well as discuss challenges and solutions to instigating the charter to help reduce the prevalence of aggression and violence in the workplace
  4. Exchange thoughts and suggestions, as well as share best practice using the breakout sessions

A full agenda, including details of breakout sessions will be communicated after registrations are complete.


Spaces are limited, free of charge and expected to fill fast.

Register now at the following link: