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Updated employer framework launched to help safeguard retail employees

Updated employer framework launched to help safeguard retail employees

The NBCC has been working with the retail businesses from across the country to develop a new employer framework aimed at preventing violence and abuse within retails retail settings.

The new ‘Framework for Employers’ brings together existing good practice within the sector and presents it as a comprehensive, simple step by step process that can be implemented by retailers to demonstrate how they will support their employers to prevent violence and abuse in retail settings.

The framework aims to drive best practice among retail employers, and signposts sources of guidance and advice for how employers can help to protect the wellbeing of their employees if they become a victim.

It includes a post-incident support process which highlights the practical steps employers should be taking to support retail workers after an incident of violence and abuse occurs, for example, their responsibility to ensure incidents are reported, risks are analysed and appropriate support systems are put in place. The content and style of the framework can be adapted to suit the employer’s existing processes, or existing corporate pledge on protecting employees at work.

Paul Fagg from the NBCC said:  “I did some research into a recently implemented process in policing called Op Hampshire which focusses on support of police officers when they have been victims of an assault. I then spoke to retailers to understand how the process works in a business context and it was clear that the process and response varied significantly from one retailer to the next. It also demonstrated the gap between large high street retailers and smaller independent retailers who don’t have access to the resources, training and policies of bigger businesses.

“I wanted to develop a step by step process which employers in retail can easily access and adapt to ensure their employees are properly supported and protected when facing abuse and violence. It’s a free resource they can use so they know what to do and what support is available to them and their teams.”

The Employee Framework is part of a package of new resources from the NBCC aimed at the retail sector and comes just weeks after they launched a suite of training videos to empower employees in the areas of personal safety and de-escalation, saying no - refusing service, deterring and interacting with thieves and handling disruptive behaviour.

Jenny Alleyne, Head of Operational Risk & Compliance at Co-op, who worked with NBCC on the guidance added: “As part of our continued commitment to Colleague Safety we welcomed the opportunity to collaborate across the retail sector in partnership with NBCC and the Home Office. We are proud of the work that continues to be done in the space and welcome continued collaboration in the interests of colleague safety.”

The new ‘Framework for Employers: Preventing violence and abuse within retails settings can be downloaded here: NBCC_Preventing-violence-abuse-in-retail_FINAL.pdf