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Models of Good Data and Information Sharing for Employers

Models of Good Data and Information Sharing for Employers

While it is clear that there will be no single model which fits all but based on the examples given here it is clear there are potentially several models for businesses to discuss with relevant police forces.

 All these have in common some key characteristics:

  • Constructive and meaningful engagement between the police and businesses which results in visible action being taken, such as (but not exclusively): advice, increased patrols or enhanced action;
  • Strong buy-in from businessesto make the relationship with the police a priority and a willingness to examine all options to develop policies which support data sharing;
  • Robust, GDPR compliant IT systems– of which there are several - to ensure data can be shared in a way that poses manageable risk to businesses, individuals or the police;
  • A focus on problem-solving the issueusing interventions from not only the police but also businesses, other regulators and the voluntary sector.

We have provided examples of successful partnerships but there can often be difficulties with sharing data effectively so that it leads to a reduction in retail crime, violence and abuse. We should not try and set a one size fits all in terms of what data would be helpful to share.