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Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications

Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications

The Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) is a partnership between law enforcement agencies, local and national government organisations and private sector businesses.

The initiative, was founded in June 2011 by a team of senior security experts, with the aim of building a messaging platform, to facilitate communications between the private and public sectors, on issues surrounding security and business resilience.

The initial focus of CSSC was to help businesses prepare for business as usual in the lead up to, and during the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The initiative was formed on a partnership basis between law enforcement, government departments and nearly every industry sector that operates in the capital and beyond. Industry Sector Leads (ISLs) were identified for each industry, with a remit to participate in briefing calls and events, and disseminate appropriate messaging conveying “one single truth” to their networks.

Since launching, the CSSC has helped companies prepare for scenarios ranging from counter terrorism, cybercrime, public order events, environmental and transportation issues, to hostile reconnaissance, fraud and security alerts. CSSC operates across a wide range of industry sectors, each headed by one or more Industry Sector Leads (ISLs). Now operational across the UK.  CSSC hubs are now established in London, Scotland, Wales, Eastern, South East, South West, East Midlands, West Midlands, North West, and Yorkshire & North East regions.

In August 2013 full charitable status was secured for CSSC, which is now registered under charity number 1153764. The CSSC builds on existing and specialist successful and proven security networks such as ‘Project Griffin’ in the security sector and ‘Sister Banks’ in the finance sector. The aim being to provide the means for the police and government to communicate with the wider private sector businesses of all sizes, with authoritative messages, alerts and information on safety and security, as well as to receive feedback from business on the security issues important to them.

Become a Member - Businesses can join the CSSC as a member to receive safety and security messages. 

Cross sector Safety and Security Communications