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Introduction to Employer Supported Policing (ESP)

Introduction to Employer Supported Policing (ESP)

What is Employed Supported Policing?

Employer Supported Policing (ESP) is a national scheme owned by the home office. It is a partnership benefitting employers, their staff and the police service by releasing Special Constables and Police Support Volunteers to volunteer in the communities they serve.




The Employer Supported Policing Scheme Explained

How can organisations be involved?

Organisations are asked to consider releasing their staff that are Special Constables and/or Police Support Volunteers by giving them paid time off to undertake their volunteer police duties and/or training.Once an organisation agrees to give employee volunteering leave, and have completed the Employer Supported Policing registration form, they will become a Partner on the Scheme, and will receive a Certificate of Participation.As well as allowing additional paid leave for employees to volunteer as a Special Constable and/or Police Support Volunteer, organisations can also promote ESP by actively encouraging staff to volunteer in policing.

What are the benefits?

Employer Supported Policing is an effective and powerful way to invest in people as well as the local community.




Benefits for all

The Employer Supported Policing (ESP) scheme increases the diversity of knowledge within a workforce, offers a rewarding scheme to participate in, as well as supporting the ethical, social and community aims of many organisations. The ESP scheme contributes to a safer, more resilient and empowered society which leads to community well-being through volunteers who enhance the connections between different sectors such as industry, public sector, enterprises and employers as well as promoting active citizenship and engagement within policing.

Benefits to the employer

• Being a responsible business by supporting employees and the local community
• Supports the organisations corporate social responsibility objectives
• Enhanced reputation and profile with local community
• Positive marketing opportunity
• The unique experience of being a police volunteer offers a level of staff development which cannot be bought commercially
• Contributes to morale, well-being and retention of employees
• Can help employees career progression and the transferable skills they gain will enhance your organisation

Benefits to the community

• Increased direct engagement with local police
• Increased reassurance due to more visible policing on the street
• Increased public confidence
• Greater resources for reducing crime
• Connecting businesses to the community

Benefits to employees

• Increased participation, volunteer hours and confidence
• Enhanced skills and training, valuable for career progression
• Giving back to the community with support
• Feel supported – leading to fulfilment and improved relationship with employer
• Sense of wellbeing within the workplace
• More flexibility to attend training/police duty which supports further development

Benefits to policing

• Increased police visibility increasing public reassurance
• Wider pool of resources available to help reduce demand
• Improved recruitment and retention of police volunteers
• Closer partnerships with business


To find more out about Employer Supported Policing please email or contact the NBCC to find your regional contact.

To download this page as a PDF please use this link ESP_Introduction_A5_Leaflet