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National Infrastructure Crime Partnership

National Infrastructure Crime Partnership

The NICRP is a home office funded partnership in collaboration with police nationally to work with organisations who keep the country running with the sole purpose to tackle their crime issues, share information and intelligence and provide analytical and intelligence products that can help everyone prevent and disrupt crime in their industry. This is achieved by:

• The Centre for Infrastructure and Asset protection (CIAP) providing access to crime mapping dashboards, intelligence alerts and tactical assessments to any partners of NICRP who share data

• A Police led 6 weekly enforcement tactical group that coordinates and tasks enforcement partners to tackle industry crime on a daily basis and through nationally coordinated weeks of action

• A business led 6 weekly crime meeting that informs the police meeting on issues important to infrastructure that need addressing

• Political support for partners through the home office stolen property markets project, all party parliamentary groups and MP engagement • Intelligence support through OPAL, the serious organised acquisitive crime intelligence unit for UK Policing

• Subject matter experts who can advise on tactical options and industry crime issues

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