BCRP National Standards

Work on the BCRP National Standards has been ongoing for the past 18 months. NBCC took over the co-ordination of this important and exciting project last year. BCRPs create a bedrock for enhancing the level of partnership working nationally and these standards aim to recognise this good practice and professionalism and encourage continued investment.



The standards provide a solid starting point and we intend to review them regularly to ensure that they remain fit for purpose. The NBCC will collaborate with regional and national organisations that represent BCRPs, BCRP managers as well as those who assess and accredit to the standards. 
We are currently seeking organisations that would be interested in providing accreditation to the standards. They would need to be able to demonstrate that they operate a rigorous assessment scheme and would deliver the accreditation in collaboration with Secured by Design. Please contact us using the details on the website if you are interested in doing so.

Why are we introducing national standards?
Nationally, businesses invest considerable amounts into BCRPs and we want to encourage continued and further investment. Business leaders need to be made aware of the value for money that good partnerships provide.
BCRPs report that different police forces engage with them to varying degrees and we will promote better working between police and partnerships. By demonstrating that accredited partnerships meet the national standard we will give police forces the confidence to ‘dare to share’ information and act on the information they receive from BCRPs fostering a culture of collaborative working. 
Why is it important that the standards are open and available to all?
We are going to make the standards publically available so that BCRPs and businesses can refer to them and accrediting organisations can assess against them. Having open standards means that there is a reference for what ‘good looks like’ that will improve over time. Prospective BCRPs can view the standards to help shape the way that they set up their partnership or improve current ways of working ahead of accreditation. Businesses will be able to see the benefits of membership of accredited BCRPs.
What will the Governance structure look like?
The standards will be governed by a standards board that will meet to agree changes and accreditors. The board will be made up of representatives from Partnerships, associations, accreditors and the police. 
What is the role of the National Business Crime Centre?
The NBCC will host the standards board and “own” the standards in that we will publish and amend them as required by the board. We will work with police forces to encourage collaboration with business partnerships and we will promote accredited partnerships.
How will accreditation work?
The NBCC will not itself run the accreditation to these standards but will engage with those that do to make sure that we are all in step with the latest thinking, crime trends and the needs of the BCRPs to be effective.
The NBCC is working with Secured by Design in order to establish a process by which BCRPS can obtain SBD accreditation. Secured by Design is a not for profit organisation that is nationally recognised by police forces for accrediting crime prevention initiatives and products. They have technology partners that can assist in providing supportive solutions for the accreditation process. 
SBD does not however employ assessors for BCRPs. The assessors will be suitably experienced to ensure a degree of uniformity when conducting assessments. 
Why are we working with SBD?
SBD is a longstanding and trusted partner of police forces and industry nationally and has the experience and resources to provide accreditation. Whilst we expect that experienced assessors in this process will come from a wide range of organisations and partnerships it is important that the process has an accrediting body. Whilst we do not intend to be restrictive about which organisations accredit to the standards, working with SBD will allow us to set up the process quickly and effectively with the support of a well-established brand.
What about associations? 
We do not underestimate the importance of member’s associations, such as the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships, with regard to providing guidance to partnerships or providing expertise around specific subjects and assessment. The NBCC will always try to assist partnerships but we do not have the capacity to provide the bespoke advice and support that some BCRPs may require. Additionally, associations provide valuable representation for BCRPs and we welcome working with them to promote BCRPs as well as maintaining the standards as part of the board. 
NABCP intends to offer assessment against these standards and will be able to provide SBD accreditation.

How do I arrange for assessment against BCRP National Standards?

Visit https://nbcc.police.uk/article/?id=2fb7a634bf5748361e0be92fe4920945 for more information
Please also see the Applicant notes that assist with completing the self assessment
And an additional appendix to assist with section 5 (data integrity)


Please note that this self assessment document incorporates the 2018 version of the standards and there have been some changes. The self assessment is currently carried out via the online tool and therefore the paper version is no longer updated. Please see the up to date version of the standards below.