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The BCRP National Standards provide a single reference for "what good looks like" in order to give reassurance to business members, police and other stakeholders.

Nationally, businesses invest considerable amounts into BCRPs and we want to encourage continued and further investment. Business leaders need to be made aware of the value for money that good partnerships provide.

BCRPs report that different police forces engage with them to varying degrees and the accreditation aims to promote better working between police and partnerships. By demonstrating that accredited partnerships meet the national standard police forces will be more confident to ‘dare to share’ information and act on the information they receive from BCRPs fostering a culture of collaborative working.

The Standards and Accredited Partnerships

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The Standards

The latest version of the standards is available for viewing or download here.

Additional Resources

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Section 5 Guidance Notes

Guidance produced by the NABCP to assist partnerships in meeting section 5 of the standards.

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How to become assessed against the standards

More information about the Assessing Organisations (AOs) is available here

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Policies and Procedures

The first version of the policies and procedures was agreed by the board in October 2019. This is designed to be a single and authoritative source of information about administering the standards. It is reviewed by the board at least annually. 

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